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Visit the Castle of Monemvasia and turn back time, at Byzantine, Frankish and Venetian era... Walk in the cobbled streets, the stone houses and Byzantine churches. Get off to admire the tall walls and then climb to the upper town to rest at St. Sophia, overlooking the Aegean Sea to the edge of the sky… Going down to the main path you will encounter all sorts of beautiful shops that will impress you. We'll also suggest a visit to the residence of Monemvasian poet Yiannis Ritsos located just above the Gate. Just opposite at the new town of Monemvasia you will find an organized beach, shops and other tourist services (travel agency, bank, post office).


Just 4 km from Liotrivi you will find the beautiful and picturesque small village of Agios Nikolaos. There, apart from several old stone houses and hospitable villagers at the square, you will come across the Byzantine church of Agios Nikolaos with its stunning frescoes. Continuing further 4 km you will reach Talanta. The renovated water mill inside the beautiful green gorge, with easy access from the descending path approximately 300-400 meters away on foot, where every Sunday awaits you the old miller, barba Yannis, who runs the mill as old times and he is ready to speak you with joy for the way the mill works and the beautiful stories of his time. Continuing from Demonia and passing by the quiet village of Archangelos with its attentive beach into the beautiful bay, we arrive at Plytra, a small coastal village among the olive trees and the sea. Here you will find the beautiful sandy beach of Plytra (organized beach) and the town of Asopos, ancient sunken city, in the eastern part of the village where you will see the ruins of the ancient city lost descend to the bottom of the deep blue sea. From there you can easily return back to Liotrivi thru the way of Papadianika - Foiniki, about 15 km distance.


Another beautiful trip is to the mountain villages of Zaraka that ending into the beautiful Kiparissi. Start your tour from the port of Gerakas, the small village situated in a natural harbor which extends to a beautiful lagoon. If you're lucky you will see rare waterfowl resting on the lake. Then, climb from the small mountain villages to Reichia. There, you can visit the most beautiful and remarkable Folk Museum of the village. From there also starts the road to the secluded beaches Vlichada and Balokeri, beaches with unique natural beauty. Then, leading to Lampokampo, Pistamata, Charaka, mountain villages too that their inhabitants are engaged in farming and in summer attract many visitors and seasonal residents. In all the villages you will find traditional coffee shops and tavernas.Going through a bold and beautiful way you will arrive at Kiparissi, beautiful and very clean village consisting of three settlements. There you will find delicious seafood and local products as well as a beautiful beach. Returning, you will choose the road that passes by Molaoi in order to see this area and particularly to admire the plain with olive groves as you descend from the mountain.


South from Liotrivi we encounter the area of Vion. A beautiful and sunny area with friendly and smiling people and endless blue, sandy beaches. At first, we will visit the Caves of Castania, 15 minutes north of Nepoli, through a beautiful and green route, in the village of Castania you will encounter one of the most beautiful caves with many stalagmites and stalactites with rare geological structures and wonderful combinations of colors. The tour lasts one hour and you will enjoy it for sure. Then we drive to the Prophet Elijah, the small settlement south of the beautiful village of Agios Nikolaos. Nearby we will visit the Petrified Forest, a wonder of nature that sustains petrified palm forest for over three million years. From there, for the friends of walking, starts a 7 km trail that leads to the lighthouse Cape-Malia and the monastery of Agia Irini. Returning to Neapoli, which will charm you with its endless blue beaches. By the coast, you will find many shops of all kinds and especially famous for their ouzo. From there starts the ferry boat for Kythira in a daily schedule. The course is short, only one hour, and it may be a good idea to start from here new experiences.


Thirty minutes south we will get to Elafonisos, the little diamond of Laconic Bay with its beautiful beaches and unique turquoise waters. The access is easy and is done by ferry boat and by smaller boats from Punta very frequent and after only 10 minutes we come to the village of Elafonisos. Many shops, mainly with seafood waiting to serve you, since fishing is the main occupation at the island. For beaches you have two options: the cosmopolitan, renowned and award-winning beach of Simos who gathers every summer thousands of visitors to swim in its unique crystal turquoise waters and the beach in the islands of Panagia, a quieter, smaller, beautiful and clean beach. Also, another beautiful beach situated across Punta east of the ferry. There you will find another sunken ancient city of Laconia bay, known by the locals as Pavlopetri.


In the center of Laconia Bay you will meet Gythio, a beautiful seaside and historic town with a beautiful harbor and many taverns that serve ouzo. It is worth visiting the Tower Tzanetaki located in islet Kranai, forward Gythion, a museum of the Greek Revolution, as well as the lighthouse just next to it. On our way to the Diros Caves we will pass thru Areopolis, another historical town with stone streets and houses of many of the protagonists of the Revolution 1821. In Diros Caves we will meet another miracle of nature, a majestic lake cave with hundreds of stalagmites and stalactites which you will admire through a route of about 45 minutes most of it by boat. The path followed in Mani villages is a special experience. Every time you will encounter a small village (family district) with stone towers and tower houses, harmonized in architecture, into an environment that impresses with its low vegetation and hard stone landscape. Here, great beaches are not present, but you will find many beautiful bays and coves with sand or pebbles and mainly blue, crystal clear waters. For larger beaches, you return near Gytheio, where you will find the beach of Mavrovouni and after Gythio to Skala, the beach Selinitsa and beach Trinisa also organized.